Valbona B.

Best dermatologist I've ever seen! She's nice, straight forward and knowledgeable. I really appreciate her thorough mole screenings. I know my skin and health is in great hands with this doctor. Definitely worth a visit if you live in NYC.


Jennifer K.

I love this doctor. There's almost never a wait, she is far more thorough than any other skin doctors I've seen for screenings, and I feel really confident in her care. The screening is also relaxing and enjoyable. I'll keep going back!


Nina M.

I really appreciated Dr. Avshalumova's attentiveness and thoroughness. I went to see her because I couldn't get a quick appointment with my usual dermatologist, but I think I will switch to her permanently. She listened to the full details and history of my problem and proposed a few different treatment options--starting with least invasive--that actually took into account my lifestyle, and she explained the options well. I also had her do a full skin check (mole screening, etc.), and she was more thorough than any other dermatologist I've had do it--it was the first time I've had a derm actually take a written record of location, color, size of all my moles for comparison at future checks. Overall, I was very impressed.


Donnie M.

Dr Avshalumova is a thoughtful, kind and assertive professional who will listen and help in the best way she can. Her staff and her are wonderful and will help you with any dermatological issues!


Susan P.

She is concerned, caring and knowledgeable. I feel she cares about my overall health and not just the appearance of my skin. I highly recommend her to people who have serious skin concerns.


Bianca M.

I saw Dr. Avshalumova and she was great. She was thorough, listened to me carefully and was extremely informative. I highly recommend her.


Steph. W

After reading through reviews of Dr. Lyubov Avshalumova DO from ZocDoc, I decided to come here for skin counseling. I originally discovered her practice through my healthcare network provider, however they did not accept my insurance. So I paid out of pocket, and it was $200 upfront for my visit. It is also very easy to book an appointment here!
Located at 80 Beekman Street, the practice is a bit difficult to find as it is in a plaza of apartments and other local shops. For starters, it is located on ground level and is close to Squires diner. I had already gone to another dermatologist prior, and wanted to get a second opinion of my case with Dr. A. She was thorough in terms of asking what kind of medication I was currently using and checked my skin with a blacklight for a more accurate diagnosis. The conclusion was that her diagnosis was the same as the first doctor I had gone to. However, she recommended additional remedies that I could purchase over the counter to help with my skin. She was also able to give me the name of disease which my first doctor hadn't done. Lastly, she did not try to sell me anything extra which other doctors may do. I even asked if a biopsy was necessary, and she mentioned if my problem continues to persist then it may be necessary in the next few months.
Overall I had a great experience here and believe that in the long run the $200 cost here will be worth every penny. Dr.A is knowledgable and friendly and I will be back for further checkups if necessary.


Stephan B.

I went to Dr Avshalumova for the treatment of hollow under-eye area, with great results. She looked at the situation, recommending the right treatment without pushing anything unnecessary. We settled on using Belotero, a hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the body, similar to Juvederm but smoother for the eye area and with no bluish hue. The treatment went very well, she is very delicate and precise. It was painless with some local anesthetic cream. I had minimal swelling and bruising, hardly noticeable and went away in a weekend. It's a normal process and unavoidable when the eye area is treated. The results look great, I now look much more rested, and my eyes are not sunk-in and dark, yet no one has commented about an dramatic radical change. I highly recommend her for the best procedure: an enhancement where you look better without over-doing it.


Laura F.

The office is lovely and the staff was pleasant and helpful. Dr Avshalumova was knowledgable and really nice. I would definitely recommend her.


Ashley S.

Dr. Avshalumova was excellent! She was very kind, thorough and knowledgeable. She took to time to carefully examine me, answer any questions and explain signs to watch for. I am actually looking forward to my follow-up appointment and would highly recommend her to any potential patient.


Sandy C.

I had an early appt but it was a very well clean office and inside as well . they was very helpful and extremely nice. the doctor took her time to explain everything i asked and i asked a lot of questions but she made sure she didn't give me a lot of products i don't need. she went over how to put it on and when. i feel in love . i recommend anyone. she knows exactly what she is doing. now i just have to wait for results if my face clears up


Abul H.

Going to make her my primary skin care doctor


Danielle C.

She was very professional and very personable. She gave me a lot of knowledge in regard to my concerns.


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