All Services Performed by Board Certified Dermatologist

BOTOX Cosmetic provides an outstanding solution for:


- Vertical lines between the eyebrows

- Horizontal forehead lines

- Crow's feet

- Horizontal lines on the neck

- Laugh lines on the nose

- Migraine headache

- Reduction in the muscle activity can be noticed within 48 hours and the maximum benefit is attained about one week after treatment.





RADIESSE Volumizing Filler is FDA-approved for subdermal implantation for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolobial folds.

The V- Effect is the key to restoring a youthful look. Instead of treating the individual wrinkles, the face needs real revolumising. With the right volume and the right proportion, the face will regain the optimum "V" shape, and the wrinkles and sagging will naturally reduce.

Spider Veins can be effectively treated with sclerotherapy. These veins can be treated effectively to restore the natural look of your veins and your self-confidence to wear summer clothing. Assessment by a vein specialist will assist you in making an informed decision about treatment. 

The gold treatment in spider veins remains sclorotherapy, over the incorrectly treatment with a quick laser or light session, which have limited application and often high failure rates.

Alopecia can cause different types of hair loss:


- Alopecia Areata (hair loss in patches)

- Alopecia Totalis (lose all hair on the scalp)

- Alopecia universalis (lose all hair on the body)


Our specialists will assist you in reaching the desired result.